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Frequently Asked Questions

Touring The Venue


We would love to show you all that Paramount has to offer for your event! Due to our active event calendar, tours are conducted on Monday & Wednesday 2pm - 7 pm only, all tours should be scheduled in advance. Please submit an inquiry on our website to schedule a time!


Max Capacity


Our max capacity is 240 guests in our largest Ballroom.




Rehearsal will be scheduled 30 days before event.




We require you to submit your special event insurance and vendors liability insurance in an amount no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence to Paramount no later than 30 days before event.


Outside Alcohol


No alcohol is permitted to be carried in. Paramount has three exclusive bar services, therefore all alcoholic beverages upon the premises must be provided and served by their staff. They offer a variety of bar service options to meet your budget.


Exclusive Caterers


We provide a list of Exclusive caterers, There will be a $500 outside catering fee if you choose to bring your own. Caterer must have liability insurance and must be approved by management before booking vendor.


Wedding Coordinator


Clients are required to hire a professional wedding coordinator that has been pre-approved by management. Coordinators must attend the final walk through meeting, rehearsal, and be onsite through the entirety of the rental period. A seasoned coordinator is an essential part of your vendor team to create a successful wedding day!

Changes To Contract After Booking


Yes, you may make changes! We will work with you during the planning process to help you refine Paramount rental selections. Whenever you make an update, we will provide a revised contract, so you know where your costs are going.


Final Walk-through


Will be scheduled 60 days prior to event. Coordinator and caterer must attend the final walk-through meeting.

Final Details


You may change the estimated headcount provided at the time of booking. The final guaranteed guest count, layout and event details are due 30 days prior to the Event Date and may not be changed from that point.

Bring In Décor


Absolutely - you are welcome to bring your own unique event décor! Décor must be installed and removed during your rental period.


Decor Restrictions



Foil confetti, paper confetti, sprinkles, sequins, items that shed glitter, birdseed, rice, hay, fog machine, bubble machine, pyrotechnics.

The use of nails, tacks, tape, command strips, glue or staples to affix items to walls, floors, or columns. Please do not tape ceremony runners to the floor.

Silk petals outdoors.

Open flame - candles must be enclosed in glass or metal containers. Taper candles must be completely enclosed in a cylinder with a base to contain any wax drips.

Dance floor wraps on our floors (would need to be installed on a separate rented dance floor).



All decorations must be removed without causing damage to the venue.

Nothing may be suspended from light fixtures  or air ducts.

No rearrangement of venue furniture or art work.

All florals should be pre-arranged, no flower arranging on site.

Pre-approval needed for glass and candles on the floor.

Cold spark machines and dry ice machines are only permitted if operated by a pre-approved professional and insured vendor who will remain on site for the duration of use.

Big Exit


We allow sparklers, glow sticks, fiber optic wands, ribbon wands, noise makers, bubbles, butterfly releases and fresh petals/leaves for outdoor use. WE DO NOT allow confetti, sequins, glitter, rice, birdseed or fire lanterns.

Clean Up


You are responsible to remove all personal items, decorations, signage and trash from the interior and exterior of the space by the end of the venue rental. Please inquire about our full cleaning checklist.

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