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About Us

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Steve and Loretta


To answer the so often asked question............

                                Why DID we start this business?!? 


                                                    Good question!

We often ask ourselves this same question, especially during the covid craziness. 

To make a long story short............we saw an opportunity to right some wrongs and took a giiiiiiiiant leap of faith to hopefully turn the tide, making a dream, reality.

Many have known this building under the management of Noah's. Not wanting to dig up old bones, I'll keep this part brief. Many happy couples, businesses, non-profits & others were deeply wronged by the previous tenants of this beautiful building. The greatest loss or wrong being inflicted on the owners. We were one of those owners.

So here we are, previously co-owners of this building turned current tenants, starting a brand new business (at the beginning of covid lockdown!) and trying our very best to make lemonade with some really sour lemons.

We have definitely had our fair share of trials along the way, to be sure! However, if we can give a bride their special day, make other businesses successful, right the wrongs and enrich the the end, the reward will be a hundred fold.

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