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Executive Order 195: What Does it Mean for Your Event?

Governor Cooper spoke on Wednesday regarding the most recent executive order and restrictions surrounding COVID-19 in North Carolina. So, what does this mean for your upcoming event? We break down all the information for you below!

In order, please see the following important notes as they pertain to events at a reception venue (all references are below and highlighted for your convenience, taken from Executive Order 195, subsection 3.8.)

1. Face coverings are required when indoors at all times unless actively eating or drinking

2. Guests must be seated at all times unless entering or leaving, visiting the restroom, or getting food or drinks. Unfortunately this means no dancing or cocktail-style parties.

3. Capacity for each venue is based upon the lesser of the two values, either 30% capacity or 250 people. In Paramount's case, this is 30% capacity. For our Dogwood Ballroom that is 75 people and for the Pine Room, that is 44 people indoors, there can be additional people outdoors as well.

4. Tables must be spaced 6 feet apart.

5. Staff does not count towards the capacity per room.

*Please note, there is no capacity on ceremony. That is up to the venue's discretion. These regulations apply to receptions or other social gatherings.

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