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Picture Perfect Venue

Picture this…

Jacob and I are sitting at the breakfast table with our notebook, pen, laptop, and wedding binder. We are ready to start the task of looking for a venue and have everything we need (we thought) in order to find our dream space. Now the question is where to begin. We opened our computer and went to where anyone else would go to find the answer to our question… Google! I began to type in the Google search… wedding venues in North Carolina… hit the enter button… the internet wheel is spinning… and here are the 15,500,000 results you asked for…

And that’s where Jacob and I looked at each other and asked the question, “Should we elope?”. We have all been there, but DO NOT give up hope. This will be the best, exciting, stressful, hectic, beautiful, and amazing day of your life and together we will find the perfect venue for you to start this journey.

So here it is… my advice is to have an open and honest conversation with your partner on what style of venue best fits you and your partner's relationship. When you close your eyes and picture your favorite place to spend time with your partner, what do you see? Do you see you both walking on the beach holding hands with the sand between your toes? Do you see a gorgeous brick building consisting of a ballroom with lighting and white drapes floating all around, where a delicious dinner is held and dancing after the main course? Do you see rolling hills or mountains off in the distance with an elegant barn in the background? There are thousands of pictures to choose from and you both have to decide which picture fits you and your relationship.

When Jacob and I closed our eyes we saw our first date at the beach where all of our friends conveniently decided they were busy that day(I think they knew before us that there was something special between me and Jacob). We saw the moment Jacob proposed and our family hiding in the sand dunes taking pictures and recording. We saw the numerous happy memories that were held at this location and It was a no-brainer where our picture perfect place was to get married. The beach would always hold a special place in our hearts.

After Jacob and I figured out what style fit our relationship we were able to narrow down our Google search to 12 results. Smiles, laughter, and great conversation ended our meeting and I was happy to say that we were extremely excited to find the venue that fit us! And you will too!

Find out next month how to narrow the search even further with layout and location.

Ashley Baldwin

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