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Happy Birthday Paramount!

As we enter into fall wedding season, The Paramount Team can’t help but reflect on just how far we have come in just one short year since re-entering the wedding scene. Family owned by husband and wife, Steve and Loretta Nienaber, have a clear vision for their event venue. After a “not so ideal” past, this meant they needed to restore the negative impact that came along with the building from prior ownership. The two focused on the fine details to rebuild from the ground up.

Since then, the couple has made several notable upgrades to the space that have quickly become signature features for guests to enjoy on their special day. The first being enhancements to our beautiful bridal and groom’s suites. If there’s one aspect that can be overlooked on your BIG day, it’s the importance of the comfortability in the space you will get ready in.

Recognizing the importance of those rooms, changes were made to both suites to fit everyone’s needs. Upon entering our bridal suite, one would quickly recognize it’s simple elegance; complete with lounge furniture and plenty of mirrors for your makeup artist to make those finishing touches to your wedding look. Maybe those wedding day jitters have taken over and you need to listen to music or watch a quick episode of your favorite Netflix series to relax; our Bose surround system with bluetooth is perfect to play music from your favorite playlist or login to your Netflix account on Apple TV to catch an episode or two as you get ready.

Of course we can't forget about our grooms; not only does our groom’s suite have the same sound system and Apple TV capabilities, it also has the option to include a pool table or ping pong table for a few games before meeting your future Mrs. at the altar. There is something about that seems to put a smile on every groom’s face when touring our space for the first time. Why not catch a game on ESPN or play a couple rounds of pool with your groomsmen before your special moment. You, your bride and all of your guests are in great hands with the Paramount Team.

When you think of Paramount today, you can't forget to mention it’s beautiful state of the art lighting and ceiling decor. It’s elegant and classy ambiance is one our brides have come to adore. Choose from Traditional, Waterfall or Edison Bulb chandeliers to fit your wedding day vision. Our floating cake table is always a showstopper for displaying your cake as a gorgeous(and delicious) piece of art during your reception. Let’s not forget the customizable lighting in our ballroom. Clients can enjoy creating a custom wall color for their special occasion for both their ceremony and reception. Did we mention we’ve even created a custom color set for a Harry Potter themed wedding? Now I bet you’re thinking of color ideas you might want for your wedding. Schedule a tour and let's see what you and The Paramount Team can come up with together.

When you're not eyeing our ceiling decor another feature to take note of is our new Market lights located on our ballroom patio. It’s not uncommon to see guests roam outside during a reception. Maybe they're looking for some fresh air or just enjoying the view. Either way our Market lights add a glowing touch to any cocktail hour or evening ceremony.

During this past year, Paramount has truly come into its own. Not only have we hosted various weddings, corporate events, and many other special occasion events, we’ve created a signature experience for each and every one of our guests. Our vision for the future of Paramount is nothing short of becoming Morrisville’s favorite venue for any special occasion. Offering every client the ability to step into our space and view it as a beautiful blank canvas for their special day.

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