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Our Venue | Paramount Event Venue in Morrisville

Written by Robin Leigh

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When my husband and I first toured our wedding venue, we knew it was perfect! It exuded modern elegance, which is the exact style we were going for. It also had so many features that made our wedding day not only gorgeous, but also practical for us and our guests. If you attended our wedding, you may remember the venue having a different name. The venue was recently renamed Paramount Event Venue after undergoing a change in ownership. However, it is still the same gorgeous building with the same high quality features. In this post I am giving you a look inside our wedding day and highlighting the many reasons why we are so glad we chose this venue.


Paramount Event Venue is located in Morrisville, North Carolina. What first caught our attention about the location is that it’s only 3 miles away from RDU Airport. My husband and I had many guests coming from out of town, so this location was ideal. We got a room block at the nearby Hyatt House and were very happy that our guests didn’t have to worry about leaving this central location. Another perk of the venue is that there is a huge parking lot and ample space surrounding the venue. This was not the case for many other venues that we toured in the Raleigh area. Lastly, we loved that there was so many places to take gorgeous photos, including spots with greenery!

Bride & Groom Suites

The layout of this venue is phenomenal! We loved that it has both a bride and groom’s suite so that the entire bridal party had plenty of room to hang out and get ready onsite. The bridal suite has an Apple TV, large table, and large windows to allow plenty of natural light in for hair and makeup. The groom’s suite has all of the same features, plus a pool table. Similar to the rest of the building, the suites were gorgeous. This may not seem like a big deal, but it made our getting ready pictures turn out so good!


The main hall of Paramount Event Venue is breathtaking! The hardwood floors, neutral walls, and large windows are all part of the modern elegance that I love. The gorgeous ceiling decor is truly able to stand alone in the room, so we didn’t feel the need to bring any other decorations. There are several decor styles you can choose from. I also love the simple backdrop and of course all of the natural light. Another great thing to note is that the chairs were also provided by the venue.


As if it were even possible, I think the main hall looked even more gorgeous after it was flipped for the reception. The chandeliers and accent lights radiated throughout the room after the sun went down. It’s important to note that during the room flip, there was plenty of room for guests to have cocktail hour on the patios and throughout the rest of the building. In addition to chairs, the venue also provides an array of round tables, banquet tables, and cocktail tables. They even provide lanterns that we used for decorations on the patios and large easels for our signs. All the way down to our exit at the end of the night, this venue was the perfect location for our big day!

If you’re located in the Raleigh area, I highly recommend checking out Paramount Event Venue. The venue is not just for weddings, it can also be used for smaller parties or corporate events. Check out their website for more information, as well as the layout of the venue and a gallery of photos from our wedding. To see all of our vendors from the Raleigh area, click HERE. And even if you’re not located in the Raleigh area, be sure to keep in mind our favorite features from Paramount Event Venue as you search for your own perfect venue!

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