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Our Favorite 2021 Wedding Colors

Coming from a design background, one of my favorite aspects of weddings is the color! In past years, it seems weddings have started to drift away from having just one color utilized, to a color scheme or overall mood. These are some of our favorites for this year. Take a look at our Pinterest for more inspiration and sources for these photos.

It may just be something about this past year, but I think we are all ready for some fun, and these bright colors add that to your wedding. Pops of citrus colors like orange, yellow, and pink in your decor and flowers will make your wedding stand out and put a smile on all of your guests' faces. Bold and Bright

Using earth tones found in a desert landscape will give your wedding a sense of wonder and adventure. You can use a variety of colors which makes matching decor, dresses, and florals easy. This color scheme allows for an effortless and sophisticated look. Soft Desert

Who wouldn't want their wedding to look like it was straight out of a fairytale (or *ahem* Bridgerton)? By using shades of blush and peach along with light blue and periwinkle you can easily achieve this romantic look. Incorporate these colors into your florals, invitations, place settings, dresses and suit accessories to complete the look. Romantic Pastels

For this trend we're talking rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and amethyst for your inspiration. Using these colors will give your wedding an elegant yet whimsical feel to transport your guests somewhere magical. Pair these colors with velvet fabrics, tapered candles, and colored glass to make this look cohesive. Jewels and Gems

What would this list be without showing how to incorporate the color of the year? We love this mood-lifting yellow tone paired with natural greenery, lavender, and teal. You can incorporate this color in your linens, decor, and by simply adding lemons or lemons slices to your drinks, cake, or place settings. Lemon Yellow

Combine any of these color trends for a unique and creative look! We love the bright and bold palette mixed with light blue, emerald green mixed with earthy tones, blush paired with any of the jewel tones, and romantic pastels mixed with desert colors.

Please be sure to check out our Pinterest for more inspiration and sources. Mix and Match

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